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The Landseer ECT is a healthy giant breed but not  unlike all dogs they have not been able to escape all disease and illness.Osteosarcoma is the most feared of diseases.

OSA, bone cancer is a devastating cancer with no cure. It is predominate in giant and large breed dogs. Research is ongoing to determine a possible hereditary component as well as treatments and possible cure.


The second life threatening illness of major concern is GVD; Bloat.This is where the stomach rapidly fills with gas causing the stomach to twist or volvulus. This will cause pressure on major arteries and veins obstructing blood flow and possibly resulting in the dog going into shock. Bloat requires quick emergency intervention to save the life of the dog.

There are many reasons speculated to cause bloat such as eating too fast, drinking or eating immediately after exercise or exercising after a full meal or grazing to long on grass and stress. Fortunately today the condition can be prevented with one of two procedures; gastropexy or the less invasive laparoscopic endoscopic gastropexy. The desired time to have the procedure done is during spay or neuter though it can be performed anytime your vet gives your  dog clearance for the surgery.


Landseers have down ear flaps which can harbor moisture in humid climates or after exposure to water, This moisture makes the perfect environment for yeast to grow or bacteria therefore it is important to keep your ECT’s ears clean and dry using products specific for that need.


Being an active dog it is especially important to keep his nails trimmed to prevent a painful broken nail back to the nail bed which could take veterinary intervention to prevent infection. All nails will not wear equally so be sure to check each one and don’t forget the front dew claw on each foreleg.


The Landseer ECT is a healthy robust breed with a lifespan of 10 to upwards of 14 years. Most senior dog will have some mobility issue. Joint supplements and anti inflammatory medication   are available to help in keeping the joints lubricated.


Landseers have few known hereditary diseases.Reputable breeders are doing what they can for the welfare of the breed by selective breeding, x-rays and genetic tests. You can learn more about the testing in a separate article contained on this website.  

Genetic Testing & X-Ray for Possible Heritable Skeletal Disorders